Identifying Dehcord

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Swagger Tab
Swagger Tab

Dehcord is a synthetic leather made by Clarino for Dehner. It is used to construct the shafts of the "stock" patrol boots that Dehner manufactures. Custom boots are generally full leather, but it is possible to order custom boots with a Dehcord shaft. It is important to be able to identify Dehcord because of the differing care necessary and the possibility of standard shining techniques reducing the longevity of the Dehcord. The solvents used in polish can adversely affect Dehcord such that continual use of such products can cause the destruction of the Dehcord in as short as two years.

Identifying Dehcord can be difficult without experience. Visually, Dehcord resembles the high-gloss calfskin used for the vamp of the patrol boots (Dehner only constructs the shafts out of Dehcord). Under close inspection Dehcord looks slightly too perfect in contrast to the calfskin, which usually shows minor variability in its grain, color, and smoothness.

At times, particularly with new boots, it is still difficult to identify Dehcord. The next step is to look for indications that the boots are custom. Multiple straps at the top of the shaft (stock boots have only one buckled strap), swagger tabs (see photo at left), or spur rests (small knobs of leather on the back of the rear quarter of the boot located approximately at the achilles tendon) indicate custom boots, which are likely not constructed of Dehcord. However, the absence of these customizations does not necessarily indicate that the boots are stock. Note that non-laced insteps (referred to by Dehner as a "dress instep") are available on both stock and custom boots.

Probably the easiest way to determine the type of boots is by asking the owner if they are stock boots. If the customer was measured for the boots, then they are custom. If they were bought "off-the-rack", they are stock. Finally, although it is widely considered to be impolite to ask the price another person paid for something, if done discreetly, it can be a good option. Stock Dehner boots retail for approximately $400. Custom boots start at approximately $700.

If the owner is not present (or if the boots were not purchased new by the current owner) then the final means of determining whether the boots are stock or custom is whether there is a five-digit number printed on the inside of the shafts of the boots. That number (Dehner's "custom number") is a unique identifier of the boots. If it is present, the boots are custom and the shafts are probably leather. If not, the boots are stock and the shafts are Dehcord.