Patrol Boots

Patrol boots, such as those made by the Dehner Company, require certain techniques that do not apply to most other types of polishable boot. In particular, the shafts of patrol boots are often made with a material that, though it resembles leather, is not leather. This material, named Dehcord*, is a man-made product similar to poromeric materials and should not be polished, as the material is susceptible to damage from the solvents found in polish. In addition, the leather used in patrol boots comes in a variety of different styles, which have different care approaches. Finally, the lacing technique for patrol boots is significantly different from that of other boots.

The basic approach to polishing patrol boots is:

*Starred terms are specific to boots made by the Dehner Boot Company. Other manufacturers may use different terms and leather types.

Caring for Dehcord

Dehcord shafts are cared for by applying a small amount of mineral oil or furniture polish (see the equipment entry for Mineral Oil for details) to a clean cloth folded into a pad and applying it to the Dehcord. Only a very small amount is necessary and excessive product can produce unsatisfactory results. Do not apply the oil or furniture polish directly to the Dehcord, as that will likely produce uneven coverage. Gently rub the oil or furniture polish into the shaft, covering the entire shaft. Take care not to get oil or furniture polish onto the leather uppers, as the oil will interfere with the shoe polish used there. When the shafts have been completely gone over, use a clean cloth or the unused side of the pad to buff the Dehcord. This will remove excess oil and produce an even shine.