Stand Construction: Design 2

This stand design was created with the intent of producing an easily portable stand that could be set up quickly with a minimum of tools.

Download a PDF of the complete construction details of this stand.


Collapsible riser
Tools and hardware: 1 ratchet and four bolts and washers
Traditional cantilever style cast aluminum footrests

The riser is a collapsible theatrical riser made of thin aluminum tubes and plastic fittings. When collapsed, the riser is five inches square by 29 inches tall. When expanded, the riser's footprint is thirty-six inches square and is 24 inches tall.

back leg
Image 1: Riser

Deck at junction with Front Leg
Image 2: Riser

The platform consists of a 3'-0" x 3'-0" plywood deck with two 2x2 stiffener boards running along the underside and 2x2 safety rails along the back and side edges of the deck to reduce the chances of a person sitting on the deck from accidentally falling over the edge. On the front edge of the deck are brackets for cantilever-style footrests.

Image 3: Platform (underside)

Image 4: Platform (top)

Assembly of the completed stand proceeds as follows. Expand the riser on a level surface. Set the deck on top of the riser and attach the deck to the riser using 3/8" bolts with washers at each corner. Tighten each bolt with the ratchet while holding the aluminum tube into which the bolt is threading.

Because of the structure of the stand and the lack of available step risers in appropriate heights, it is necessary to use a separate step stool to allow clients to step onto the stand.

Image 5: Assembled stand
(front view)

Image 6: Assembled stand
(side view)