see also Lacing

Some bootblacks keep a stock of laces in their kits to replace worn laces. Since the range of possible laces is extremely wide, most bootblacks stock a small number of types that can be used with a wide variety of boots. Most common are nylon cord in black and/or goldenrod (yellow and brown woven together, commonly seen on work and logger boots) and black parachute cord. These are either pre-cut in common sizes or are kept on a spool and cut to the appropriate lengths. Thin waxed laces, such as those used in patrol boots, are also commonly stocked as they required little additional storage space. Laces that are cut to length need to be finished to prevent the ends from fraying. This can be accomplished by melting the laces (most spooled cord, being nylon, melts to a solid mass which doesn't fray) or by applying aglets.